Surprise. Surprise. Surprise.

Surprise 1.

Jessica had her first OB appointment scheduled for March 26th so we thought we were going to have to wait for the official confirmation on the pregnancy (for some reason 5 positive home tests weren’t just credible for us to officially believe it).

9:34am text message from Jessica: “I got a cancellation!!! 1:20 in Waterbury.”  So it looks like we would have our official word sooner than later.  By chance I had a work appointment in Waterbury and got out at 1:00.  I was able to swing over and meet her for our first of many appointments.

Surprise 2.

There is nothing that can fully prepare a man for his first OB visit.  The waiting room is full of mostly pregnant women and not many Y chromosomes.  It’s not the most male friendly place, I feel there should be a man corner.  Kind of like the kid corner at a pediatrician, but with leather chairs, cigars, and bourbon.  We get called in the exam room.  There before is my first encounter with an exam table accessorized with the heal stirrups. At this point I don’t feel like I belong.  I ask, “This is just for a urine test and talking, right? No physical exam will occur?”  Jessica assures me it will just be a confirmation and question answering because at 5 weeks there is nothing to see/feel.  I take my seat in the corner on an old wooden chair that looks like it came from my grandmother’s house.  Enter the medical assistant.  She take Jessica’s BP, asks some questions, then instructs her to go give a urine sample for them to use for the pregnancy test.  Then the words I feared.  When you return, please undress from the waist down so the midwife can give a physical exam.  Panic sets in.  I am not prepared for this.  I don’t think I am mature enough to handle this situation and not giggle.  Enter the midwife.  She was a middle-aged woman, very nice, reminded of your aunt or your best friend’s mom.  You know exactly what I mean.  She confirms the pregnancy.  She talks, ask questions, and explain our next steps for appointments.  Then the exam.  Luckily I was near Jessica’s head so I didn’t have a front seat view, but let’s just say it will be a very memorable moment.  I better get used to it………

Surprise 3.

Jessica had decided to announce the pregnancy to her parents by giving them a baby announcement onesie from Etsy.  The onesie said “Should I call you “Grams & Gramps, Mamaw & Papaw, Mimi & Pop, or simply just Grandma & Grandpa, Please decide before November 2017”  The original plan was to give it to her on Friday, but Jessica couldn’t contain her excitement when it came in the mail yesterday.  So after dinner we headed to the in-laws.  Jessica had a bunch of items to give to her mom.  Among the items was the onesie.  She opened it and looked very confused at first.  Come to find out later, she thought they were a pair of cotton underwear and wasn’t sure why Jessica was giving them to her.  She read the onesie.  Immediately her face changed.  She had a big smile and started crying.  She showed it to John across the table and said John you’re going to be a Papaw.  He smiled too.  1 set of parents down.  1 set to go.

Stay tuned 🙂


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