Vegan Corned Beef

Not much new on the baby front.  Jessica is still doing well, but she had her first big craving.  Being St. Patrick Day, she NEEDED to have a traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner.  The one problem, we recently (for a week now) have decided to eat vegan.  The main reason was to change up our diet for a healthy eating lifestyle with the idea being, going vegan will force us to consume more whole foods and vegetables.  We always ate somewhat clean, but meat as the lead role of the meal.  The environmental and animal treatment were just ancillary benefits to being vegan.

After the first week of eating vegan I can say I do enjoy it.  It’s fun to think about food differently and create new meals that are nutritious and filling without meat.  I will admit I gave in a couple times to eating eggs because I do enjoy them for breakfast, but I did have a few less than normal.  For anyone thinking to go vegan, just beware it take a few days for your body to get used to digesting legumes if you hadn’t previously eaten them.  Boy do they have fiber.

So last night we gave in and went to our local watering hole and got a traditional corned beef dinner while being serenaded by bagpipes. I closed out my night with a shot of Jameson on the rock followed by some Sleepy Time tea. Happy St. Patrick Day!


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