Gigi x2

She opens the card and starts reading.  “I’m not your grandma,” see exclaims.  She continues to read.  Her eyes widen and she throws the card down, “Get out!! About freaking time!” She shares the card, and he looks surprised.

My parent’s recently moved the Boston area to be near my sister and their first grandchild.  They still have their house in CT, but it is currently listed for sale so they are required to maintain it.  Because of the snow storm on Tuesday they were traveling home to take care of the snow removal.  I surprised them by cleaning 99% of the afternoon prior.

This all worked out perfectly.  My mom called me Saturday morning when they arrived home to find all the snow gone.  She said she would like to take Jessica and I to dinner to say thank you.  It couldn’t have been set up any better.  She proposed to see me and suspected nothing.  We decided to meet at Green Tea a Chinese restaurant because it was easy for Jessica and I to order vegan.

They walked in and sat down.  I so excited to layout the surprise.  I start over analyzing everything I did, hoping to not give it away.  Just act normal, just act normal I kept saying to myself.  We ordered our food and I handed her the card. Her birthday was March 1st and although my sister and I went in on a gift together and she had already received, I had not technically given her a card yet.  So I handed her the card and said I keep forgetting to get this to you.  That’s where we start this post.

As can be assumed, the remainder of dinner focused on baby talk, possible names, what if its twins, diet, planning a nursery, etc.  The one caveat for my mother was my sister still didn’t know.  Jessica and I planned to head to Boston the following week to tell Erin in person, but it was going to be the longest week for my mother having to keep the secret. One more person to tell, but at least letting the cat out of the bag to me parents was such a relief. It is tough walking around with a secret, especially when it’s good news!


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