Baby Fever

Jessica was trying to sleep in, but I was too excited!  I love to create things, sometimes it’s photography, sometimes it’s woodworking, sometimes it’s design.  It’s fun to come up with a vision and then to make it reality.  I looked into the office, which is adjacent to our bedroom, and I started creating in my mind.

“So mama bear, what furniture are we going to need in the nursery?”

“I’m barely awake, what are you doing now?????”  (She knows when I start asking questions I am up to starting some project)

“I want to plan the nursery!  What are we doing with the dresser in here, how about the desk?  What do you think of the crib there, the chair and ottoman in the corner, and the dresser/changing table here? What about the color?  Keep it slate grey, add white furniture, and bring in color elsewhere?”

“I don’t know…… I just woke up!”

So I didn’t let that deter me.  I started tearing through the room. Moved the dress out and put it in our room.  Cleaned the desk and office supplies.  I then got to a point where all the rest of the shit was Jessica’s and I know better than to start moving her stuff around so I went on to other household chores.  She thinks I’m doing too much too soon, but I like to have a plan.  I know as she get more and more pregnant, the less she will feel like doing or be able to help with.  I have a lot of projects to complete in 9 months, one of which is a kitchen gut and remodel.  I need to space them all out.

I also like to plan, especially when it comes to finances.  Knowing we are going to need a ton of diapers, I ask Jessica if it’s nuts to start stock piling diaper now week by week as they are on sale or coupons are available so we can spread the costs over a greater time period.  Jessica likes to shop, especially when she get a discounts.  This really got her motivated.  On our way home from dinner we stopped at CVS to look at pricing and sales on diapers. Pampers were on sale.  I now have approximately 300 diapers in the ready in the basement.  We’re not excited or anything……..


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