Life in Fast Forward

Jessica and I started the fourth season of Shameless on Netflix last night.  Jessica noticed that same thing I did, the young characters, Carl and Debbie, always look so much older in each season more so than the older characters.

I reflect on this for a moment, thinking about our baby.  Yes, he or she will be a baby at first, but they will grow up and FAST.  I look at my nephew who will be a year next month and how 11 months ago his eyes were barely open and he relied on my sister and B.I.L for everything.  In less than a year he is starting to put together words, feed himself, walk, explore, play, etc…

Every moment needs to be cherished.  To be fully involved and present. I realize there will always be that struggle of time working hard professionally to ensure our child never wants for anything while balancing being ever present as a parent.  We only get one shot take this journey and I hope I draw the right map.


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