Pup Siblings

Yesterday I picked up a Basketville basket muzzle for little miss Bella.  Bella, one of our 3 beloved pups and our only pitbull, can be a little overbearing at time.  She is a huge love bug, snuggler that doesn’t know her own size.  My biggest anxiety about the baby is get the dogs adjusted.  I realize it will take a lot patience and a lot of my attention being given to the dogs and baby.

I picked up the muzzle to start training Bella to wear as a safety measure around the baby. I don’t think she would “attack” the baby, but I know for a fact she will want to play.  She will want to nuzzle her face into the baby sniffing and licking away.  If Bella wants to play, she’ll let the baby know with her mouth as if it were another dog.  I trust her enough to know I should never fully trust her. And I don’t just mean that for her, I feel that away about any dog and baby.

So for the next 9 months Bella and I will be spending some quality time learning the muzzle.  I most likely will get Gypsy, our border terrier, one too because as I said before I trust them enough to know not to give 100% trust. In the end, everyone will be safer for it.


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