Feeling Hazy

The past couple days I just haven’t been feeling like my normal self. I’ve had this cloudy feeling. As if I wasn’t mentally sharp and a sense of dizziness but I remained with excellent balance.

I’ve been in the gym consistently with some great, intense 30minute or so workouts. I had decent energy upon waking and during my workout, but the afternoon I was dead. Sleep wasn’t the issue because I had been sleeping solid 8-9 hours a night for the past few nights. I’ve been sticking with the vegan eating pretty solidly, but have noticed most of my calories are come from grain like oatmeal, quinoa, rice, and potato and I have been lacking in more vegetables.

Since nothing much had changed other than my diet, I suspected I was nutritionally deficient somewhere. The feeling of tiredness lead me to automatically assume I was anemic. So I look up foods with iron. Of course all the meats were listed, but so were greens, legumes, and oats. I had been consuming the latter, not in high quantities, but never the less I was getting some iron. So the next morning I consumed two servings of oatmeal to get 20% of my daily value of iron from the start. I followed that up with a spinach smoothie to get another 20%. Later that day, same symptoms with the dizziness and tired. So I said it must not be iron. Enter Google. “Vegan nutritional deficiencies”. BAM. Lack of B12, which is mainly found in meat. B12 deficiency symptoms: Dizziness, eye pain, forgetfulness, tiredness. I think we have a winner. I went to CVS got a Super B complex supplement and within a few hours, I had a clearness return. Not 100% returned, but much better.

My thought is I had enough B12 stored in my liver for the first week or so of being vegan but between not adding more sources and the intense workouts I had used up the storage. Lesson learned. If you’re not eating meat, supplement B12.


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