Some Clarity

I spent yesterday traveling with my manager again just cold calling on some schools. Around 11:30AM I get a text from Jessica. “Appointment with MFM at 1:30 today, can you make it?” I was shocked she could get in with a specialist that soon, but we glad we didn’t have to wait over the weekend wondering what was going on. Knowing I had cut my day short with my boss the day before to go to the first ultrasound appointment, I asked her if she could see if they had anything a little later. She replied they don’t because if they need to admit me to the hospital they prefer to do it earlier. She then said, “I can go alone if necessary.” I said I would be there. You can’t tell me they might see something they need to admit you to the hospital for and then say you can go alone. Nope. Not happening on my watch. I explain to my boss that I had to dump him off early and he understood no questions asked. He’s a great guy and I appreciate his understanding.

So I make to the appointment with time to spare. Jessica and I meet in the parking lot and walk in together. The anxiety is high. Jessica informs me so googled what she wasn’t supposed to. She sounded defeated. She told me basically the worst case scenario and was prepped to receive the news. I truly was still remaining optimistic. No child of mine would give up. I saw that heartbeat. I heard that heartbeat. I knew they were in their fighting.

The doctor office was huge, clean, and I was impressed. I knew the bill wasn’t going to be cheap!

Jessica gets called in and I follow. We get escorted down this long hallway. We pass Ultrasound room 1, then room 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and then finally we enter ultrasound room 8. I told you this place was huge. The sonogram tech, explains he will do an abdominal ultrasound first. He starts. I am so anxious wondering what to expect. He quickly finds the gestational sac. There inside was a tiny, tiny pea. He points out this small flickering light. He said that the heart. 100 beats per minute today. So I’m happy we see the embryo with a heartbeat. But this is still only an abdominal ultrasound. Not enough detail to tell anything.

He steps out and let’s Jessica prepare for the trans-vaginal ultrasound. After a couple minutes he returns with a younger female physician. Again I can’t recall her name because my mind was so focus on getting an answer. The ultrasound begins. I hold my breath. I immediately notice the image in much clearer on this machine than the day before. They quickly see the gestational sack, the embryo with it’s heartbeat, and the yolk. I notice the physician zooming in, zooming out, zooming in, zooming out. She isn’t saying much.   Then she speaks.

“What did they say they saw yesterday?”

Confused, I explain about the unknown mass almost verbatim to what the doctor the previous day stated.

She replied, “This looks pretty normal to me and I’m happy with the progress so far.”

Relief came over me. She said I see a little shadow area, but I’m not concerned with that. It could just be the start of the placenta. She suggests a follow up in two weeks just to check it. We showed her the printed ultrasound images from the day before and she agreed they looked different, but she said today it looked normal. She explained it as this early in a pregnancy everything changes so rapidly what was there yesterday could easily be gone today.

Jessica and I walkout relieved. Jessica turns to me and says she was in shock. She had convinced herself that she was only going to this appointment today for bad news.

I can’t what happened or why, but we will remain optimistic and keep our fingers crossed things progress normally.

Thank you Baby T. Mom and Dad appreciate you hanging in there and being tough. We got your back!


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