A Typical Saturday

For the first time in a while our day and Saturday were just an average day other than Jessica being overcome with morning sickness.

It sucks she has to suffer and there isn’t much I can do about it so I help out every way I can.  As always I was up early, got two loads of laundry done and it the gym.  Although the hitting the gym doesn’t sound like helping, it actually does because I have trouble sitting still so when I am at the house I am usually causing some sort of noise. By not being home, I leave the house quiet for her to rest and I get to do something I enjoy.

Our afternoon consisted of a visit to Home Depot to get some pricing on kitchen cabinets for upcoming kitchen remodel.  I really enjoy the design process.  The planning, the creating, and then executing.  We picked out the cabinets, American Woodcraft – Leesburg in Stone (gray).  We got the price and it looked great.  They were running 20% plus free premium finish but we have to act before the end of the week.  The pressure of the deadline make me nervous and I know it will consume my thoughts for the week making sure I planned it out in a functional and visually appealing way.  Jessica sat there looking like she was going to throw up all over the kitchen lady’s table; i felt terrible.  I wish she could have felt better to be more excited about the design process, but she was sick for a very important reason.

Following Home Depot, we traveled down the road to my in-laws.  Jessica’s brother, Steven, was there fixing the furnace so we finally got the opportunity to tell him he was going to be an uncle.  Jessica had taken the labels off a bottle of beer and created a new one that said “The Best Brothers Make the Best Uncles, November 2017”.  He took the beer out of the gift bag and said thanks, not fulling reading the label.  He then was spinning the bottle in his hands and read the label.  His jaw dropped and his eyes widened.  “Oh WOW!” he said.  Every chuckled.  Happy family moments are the best.


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