Full Steam Ahead

Since I started writing I have noticed my Sundays are full of piss and vinegar.  I hit the gym with a great workout.  My parents were “home” in Connecticut for the weekend heading back to Boston Sunday afternoon.  I asked if they were interested in stopping by my house so I can go over the kitchen plans with my father.  He is an architect and gives the rubber stamp of approval on the plan, especially the structural changes.  Soon after I got home from the gym, they were here.  We went through every detail, measuring, and double checking.  For the most part it looked like it would all work out.

After they left, I jumped back into my nursery project, by continuing the clearing out.  Our office currently held a twin bed that Jessica’s mother wanted for her spare bedroom.  Within minutes I had it disassembled and moved the components in the living room for her mother to pick up.  A couple hours later the bed was all packed up heading to its new home.  No major furniture was left in the soon to be nursery.  Now if just looked like a walk in closet containing totes of clothes, shoes boxes, and storage bins of who knows.  Jessica like to hold on to EVERYTHING, whereas I get pleasure from throwing shit out.  It’s our Yin and Yang so I guess it works.

The grocery store and sushi dinner (cooked sushi only for Jessica) rounded out our day.  By that night I was exhausted and resided to the couch for an episode of Shameless.


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