Traveling Monday

Monday, Monday, Monday.  As tough as they may be, it’s a new beginning.  A new flow of events that make our week.

I spent most of the day traveling between schools taking care of mundane tasks that most people overlook when dreaming of owning a business.  Doing some pick ups and drop offs of products and orders.  Some might argue it could all be done via mail, but I like my customers to see my face in their schools.  It brings a level of personalization to doing business with me.

While driving around, I typically listen to talk radio or podcasts.  Today I was listening to the Time Ferriss show podcast.  He was interviewing someone I had never been exposed to before, Ricardo Semler.  Ricardo is a Brazilian businessman and author, who has taken some extreme tactics to buying and growing a business.  Between his accent and my mind flowing from paying attention to thinking about the kitchen design I didn’t fully catch all that was being discussed. I did make note that I’d like to do some more research on who Ricardo is and the books he has written.  I idealized that he bought a failing business and turned it around.  This has been a dream of mine.  For those of you who have seen the CNBC show The Profit starring Marcus Lemonis, that is my dream.  It also go back to looking at a problem and solving it creativity.  The ability to profit (no pun intended) is just icing on the cake.  I really need to start taking action on it because it will never fall in my lap.  I know that.   I will get to it some day.  I think I need to prove to myself I can execute and grow my current business in what is overall a slowing industry past maturity.  I’ll get there. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


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