I need a burger

Yesterday felt highly productive and I guess overall it was.  The day flew by and I got lots of nagging work tasks completed.

I hit up Home Depot, to make a couple small changes in the kitchen design plan.  So now I can mull over the changes and make sure I got it all figured out.  The order is due by April 9th so my time is ticking, but I am feeling more confident.

Dinner time came, and Jessica was craving a Philadelphia roll from our local Sushi joint.  So she ordered it and I volunteered to go pick it up.  Since Jessica hasn’t been feeling 100% and her taste buds are all over the place, I hate cooking a full meal for just me to eat.  So I as driving to get her sushi roll, I drove by Rose’s Dairy which recently opened for the season.  That’s it!  I immediately wanted a Butch Burger.  Their perfectly cooked, melt in your mouth, 1/2 pound burger patty with cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles.  I know, I know, it’s not vegan, but sometimes you just need something.  I just got the burger.  No fries, no onion rings, no milkshake, although each was equally appealing.  Best decision of the day!  The burger was amazing and everything I hoped for.  Some people say eating vegan you lose the taste for meat, and I will have to disagree.  I think that burger was better than ever since it had been weeks since I had red meat.  No regrets.  Everything in moderation and enjoy life. Tomorrow I will go back to no meat and dream of my next Butch burger.


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