One of the things I like to do to A) kill some dead time and B) participate in some self development is read or watch videos on YouTube by some of the our current thought leaders.  Sometimes I watch/listen to various TED talks, Tony Robbins, Matthew Hussey, Zig Zigler, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, etc.  Yesterday I watched a couple video with Gary Vaynerchuk interviewing Simon Sinek and Seth Godin (two additional individuals I admire).

In both interviews, Gary brings up self-awareness and how it is possibly the single best attribute to have to become successful.  Gary’s point is that you have to look deep inside, know what your good at and double down on that.  Stop wasting time on trying to get better at things you are mediocre at and focus all you energy (and patience) on your best. Part of the interview discusses whether or not self-awareness can be developed or if it is a genetic predisposition.

I reflected back on this idea of self-awareness in my own life.  Do I have self-awareness?  My immediate answer was yes of course.  But after a little deeper thought I couldn’t answer the question, what am I good at that I should double down on?  And I honestly don’t have an answer.  If I can’t answer that question, am I truly self-aware?

There are things I like to do and most things I enjoy doing I am pretty decent at.  I like photography and I would like to consider myself pretty good.  Can I see myself as a full time photographer? Probably not.  I like create what I want when I want.  I don’t want to turn a hobby into a business driven by clients needs.  I enjoy doing home projects like yard work, interior remodeling, and woodworking.  Do I want to be a home contractor?  No.  Because the projects I do are personal to me, I take a lot care (& time) to complete them.  The thinking and overthinking the design.  The turning of the design into reality with my own hands and the satisfaction of seeing it done.  I don’t think as a contractor, where my livelihood is dependent on production of projects I would have that same connection.

Maybe my calling is to be a father.  A family man.  To raise my child the best I can.  To be involved every way I can to ensure their early years are fully enriched so that they can see success in the world.

I know one thing, it is never too late to find your calling.  Until I have a solid answer I will keep doing the things I enjoy and see where the path takes me. I am self-aware enough to keep my eyes open and to strike when an opportunity arises.


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