Rainy Day Demo

My window of time to order the kitchen cabinets at Home Depot and closing quickly.  I am going over the design over and over.  I keep measuring to ensure I thought of everything I need to.

So to help me ensure I was seeing the design properly in my head I decided walls needed to be opened up.  So yesterday afternoon after I was all wrapped up with work I started tearing into walls.  Jessica had a late work meeting so I knew I had some time to do some damage before she got home.

If you’re curious, no i did not demo like you see on HGTV. No sledgehammers, no throwing punches or hammer through the wall.  I methodically cut piece of sheetrock out in as big of a chunk as I could.  I was trying to create as little dust and mess as possible.  After each piece of wall board was removed I would vacuum the dust and small rock pieces.  With three dogs, they would have tracked, or worse, eaten the dust.

I don’t have a dumpster yet, do for now the large pieces of sheetrock are leaning against the garage outside.  A nice little decoration for my neighbors 🙂  They are used to it.  At my house it is one project after the next.  No I can’t sit still.  I always like to be moving.  Of course as I was removing the debris from the house, it was monsoon raining.  The wind was whipping and the rain was coming down in huge drops side ways.  I was completely soaked walking the 60 feet or so round trip.  No rain would stop me.  I had a deadline to meet!

So after taking out some walls and seeing the sight lines I was imagining, I think the design is ready to go.


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