Pulled the Trigger

After work, I made an appointment with the kitchen designer at Home Depot.  It was time to go over the final design and order the cabinets.

I sat with her for about an hour.  I made a couple small changes and asked ALOT of questions.  I wanted to make sure she understood my vision.  She asked me questions like, What side do you want the hinges on?  Of course I couldn’t have a simple answer.  I had to visualize and pretend I was completing the tasks I expected to in that area of the kitchen.

I asked her if she got commission for selling a cabinet design/package.  She said nope.  Her only task was to get me a kitchen I enjoyed. I joked saying after dealing with a pain in the ass like me she should get a commission.  She half chuckled.

Now I know I may be a little more eccentric or anal, than the average person, but I didn’t think I was THAT bad.  Apparently I was.

In the end, I pulled the trigger and placed the order.  They should be delivered around the beginning of June.  Until then, back home to continue some demo.


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