Bella’s Day Out

Bella, my 4 year old pitbull, had a very special day yesterday.

Our local mom & pop pet store, Cheshire Cat and Dog Too, was holding their bi-weekly $5 nail trims.  For whatever reason, Bella will not let Jessica or I cut her nails (it may after to do with the fact that Jessica cut one too short a couple years ago and our house looked like a murder scene from all the blood). Ever since then, we pay the $5 to have her nails trimmed and it is done 100% painlessly and effortlessly.

Jessica and I had some errands to run, so after the nail trim we continued on with Bella in the car.  Having 3 dogs, we rarely take all three out at the same time as it is chaotic in the car.  After her nail trim Bella took a ride through Thomaston into Litchfield where the three of us enjoyed some pizza slices from Hometown Pizza.  We then continued west to Goshen, our ultimate destination.

Goshen is home to Nodine’s smokehouse.  I was listening to NPR and the Food Smooze one day.  They were talking about Easter recipes and brought up the fact that Nodines had the best smoked hams.  The hams were so good, TV cooking celebrity Mario Batali orders hams from them every year.  I’m not an overly huge fan of ham, but I had never had ham of that quality so I suggested to Jessica and her mother (who would be hosting Easter) that we try one of their hams.  They agreed and that’s what sent us on our road trip.

We got to Nodine’s small little general store-esque shop.  After speaking with the owner briefly, we decided on the Berkshire smoked ham, bone-in.  They described it as the filet of Hams.  It was locally sourced and free of hormones and antibiotics.  As it was the filet of hams, it came with a filet price tag.  A 9 pound ham set us back about $100, so somewhere around $11 a pound.  I am not up to date on my ham pricing, but I think the per pound price at the local Stop and Shops is significantly lower. In a week we will see if it is worth it.  I will report back after Easter.  Stay tuned.

After getting our ham, we traveled back roads through the hills and farms heading back home.  Bella was such a good girl in the car. She would go between laying in the back of the Murano to standing and resting her head on the retractable screen. If she were our only dog, we’d probably just take her everywhere with us.  I have no proof, but I think when one of the three leave for the day, the other get a little jealous.  They usually act different when they realize their sister is leaving and they are staying home.  To play fair, they usually will all stay home together as a pack when we run out.

But after Bella’s special treatment for the day, I’d like to think she enjoyed the time with us as much as we enjoyed it with her.



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