Spring Has Sprung…. hopefully

It’s seems as if yesterday finally started spring weather, but here in New England one can never be sure. 

I started the morning with a little laundry and a little more demo in the kitchen but the nice weather outside was calling to me. So after removing one cabinet from next the stove I headed out. 

I had three tasks in mind. First to dig up some perennials that were taking over one of our planting beds and were awkwardly placed. I have no idea what type of plant it even is but I was sick of them. So I re-organized the bed and hopefully as it all matures later in the season everything will be spaced nicely. 

Second was to separate an expanding hydrangea and plant it on its own to fill a gap in the bed nearest our deck. This makes me a little nervous. I hope it takes and I don’t kill the plant. I probably should have done a little research but the weather had me motivated to work. 

Last I have a brushy area that just wildly grows with weeds, saplings, forsythia, and rabbit briar. I cut all the saplings down with a hand saw and started digging out roots. I don’t really have a plan of the area once cleared but seeing it grow wild every year drives me crazy. I have lots of idealistic designs for the area like a chicken coop, a bundle of blueberry bushes, or maybe a water feature. In reality I’ll probably plant grass and call it a day. 

At this point it was getting wicked hot and needed a break. It was about noon and I was thirsty as hell. For some reason I was craving an ice cold iced tea. Something about a pregnant wife having cravings for random things is highly contagious. So I took a quick shower and got ready to head out with Jessica for some errands. A trip to Baby’s R Us to plan what we might need on a registry and a trip to Agway for a reusable dumpster bag for the kitchen demo were on the list of stops. But before that, a pit stop at Dunkin for the largest unsweetened iced tea they had. I polished it off in minutes. 

Riding with the windows down is the greatest feeling after a long, cold winter. Our errands got completed, had a little lunch at Ruby Tuesday, and did our grocery shopping done.  There is something calming about completing the mundane tasks in life. They take little deep thought and I get to just enjoy everyday life with Jessica. Great weather, great company and a great ride. Sunday done right. 


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