Work on Fleek

My morning begin in a suit and ended in a celebration.

I had organized a cross-brand presentation to a prominent urban school for a full partnership program.  They were pumped.  They were ready to sign.  Not only were they ready to sign, but they were ready to help us turn it into a full district partnership.

It’s a nice feeling when your the one who got the ball rolling.  Not that I did anything special or had any special skills, I was just lucky.  My cold call was met by a cold meeting with the right person.  I said the right things and it snow balled from there.  Not only was I winning business for myself but for our other 3 business units.

For me, I just like to win. What this will actually mean for my pocket is yet to be determined, but the fact that there was a process that was followed and the school saw the value in what we offer it is a great feeling.  Especially if we can make the difference in the lives of even a handful of students it will pay in dividends.

The weather was great again and I was riding high, so I text Jessica and asked her if she wanted to have a picnic.  We met at the picnic tables outside her work for a late lunch.  I picked up some salads and iced teas.  I brought Mollie, the yorkie, to visit her mama too.  I thought, I should do this more often.  It was a nice break and I have to think she equally enjoyed it.  Sometimes it’s the smallest of things that can mean the most. I think I’ll probably do that a few more times.


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