Car “Shopping”

Saturday started with a skipping of the gym.  I have this thing that if I wake up and I’m sore/my body is tired I listen and take the day off.  Exercise/wellness is a marathon, not a sprint to an end result so taking a day off to let my body recuperate is 100% a good thing.  When I was younger, it psychology would have screwed me up.  I would have hated myself for skipping and would have felt lazy.  As I get older I do realize it does take me longer to rebuild from a string of intense workouts and injury avoidance is very important.

Instead, I completed removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room, by taking out the all metal door frame that we put in when they built the house.  It is very uncommon in residential real estate to have metal casings and they are pain in the ass.  They attached to the subfloor underneath the hardwood flooring so I had to dissect my floors to get them out.  Of course, I have 2 in my kitchen (3 technically, still debating if the door to the basement will stay as is). It is super nice to see it all wide open I will say. Keeps me excited to continue working.

Soon after getting casings removed, it was time for Jessica’s oil change so we headed out to the Nissan dealership.  Instead of waiting in the crowded waiting room we walked around outside looking at the new and used cars at the Nissan dealership and adjacent Toyota and Honda dealerships.  Of course when you walk around a dealership on a Saturday afternoon you get flooded with salespeople trying to close a deal.  I appreciate that they are doing their job and that’s how they make a living, but when I straight up tell you we are just killing time and seeing whats out in the market, then stop wasting your time.  Car salespeople, a big generalization I know, have an ego about sales.  As if they all think they can sell ice to Eskimos.  It drives me insane to think they can just pressure people into a sale and they will feel good about the process.  I believe in consultative sales, not transactional sales.  Salespeople who truly help and guide actual buyers is the best approach.  I do, however, enjoy conversing with strangers and playing game with them so it’s fun to talk about things other than buying a car and seeing them squirm wishing they never started the conversation to begin with.  Needless to say, we didn’t buy a car prior to her oil change being done.  We will soon be in the market as her lease is up in December right after we have a newborn.  Great timing!  We will probably buy a used car at that point rather than lease again, the mileage restriction are a little tough on our driving habits so we will see what we decide on as the time gets closer.


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