Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday and Family Announcement Day

Yesterday we announced to almost the whole family that we were pregnant.  We first headed to my father’s family before they had dinner.  It was a beautifully, unseasonable 80 degrees so the drive out to Litchfield was very enjoyable.  We were able to tell two of my Dad’s sisters and my grandfather, who will be 96 on April 18th.  They obviously were super excited!  We FaceTime-d my sister, nephew and parents, who were all enjoying brunch in Boston.  They were able to say happy Easter to all the family and then we dropped the bomb.  “Grandpa, Jack has soon news for you.  He is going to be a big cousin!”  It took grandpa a couple minutes to process.  “Who’s pregnant??” he said.  We all chuckled and told him Jessica was.  Come November he will be a 2 time great-grandfather and the baby’s only great-grandfather.  After about an hour or so there, we drove to my mom’s sister.

We followed the same script with FaceTime telling my aunt Cathy and cousin Kevin.  They were eating dinner later that evening so not everyone was there.  We waited an hour or so for my cousin Kristin to come with her twins and newborn.  We hit her with the bomb and she was equally psyched.  I like this dropping of surprises on people.  I think even when we aren’t pregnant will continue to drop the news on people just to make them excited.  The rest of my mother’s family who was not around for us to share the news with, got a group iMessage of the ultrasound with the news.  My family was now completely informed.

Jessica’s mother was hosting our Easter so we headed there and had an excellent ham.  Yes the Nodine’s Berkshire, locally raised, bone-in, smoked ham that cost us $100.  It was phenomenal!  I’m not a huge ham fan, but this was the best ham I had ever tasted; moist, full of flavor, tender, and lean.  In addition to Jessica’s parents and brother, we had dinner with Jessica’s cousin from Maine and her daughter (who we told about the baby the night before when she got into town). For dessert, Jessica’s aunt and uncle joined in.  Jessica’s aunt gave us the best reaction when we told her.  “NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!” she screamed.  Of course it was unexpected and we didn’t have video running.  She then apologized for the next 5 minutes, but of course we thought it was hilarious.

It was definitely an Easter we will all remember for a while.  I have a feeling our Thanksgiving will be the most memorable holiday of the year.


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