Taking Action

Last week I wrote about listening to Ricardo Semler on a podcast with Tim Ferriss.  In the podcast Semler spoke of his “Terminal Days” in which two days a week he did what he wanted to go had he been informed of having a terminal illness. (View post Semler Revisited)

Well yesterday I took a terminal day.  It was tough I won’t lie.  In the middle of having work to complete and a kitchen remodel in progress there was definitely productive work to be done. But when I took a step back and asked was my work urgent and the answer was no I decided I need to seize the day.  The kitchen could wait, I would have my phone if there were some emergency and I could go on with my day with things that could only happen yesterday.

So what did I do?  My sister is on vacation this week from her speech pathology job at her school so we decided to meet for lunch. We met at the border, about an hour for each of us.  She came with my 1 year old nephew Jack and my mother.  It was a simple lunch at Applebees.  We walked around the nearby Marshalls and Petco.  Very low impact but very high reward.  It is not too often we have the time to just eat lunch and go especially during a beautiful spring day.

After lunch I headed home to spend some time with the dogs and let them exercise.  We ran around the yard to play. I of course could not fully avoid work, so I completed some order placing and computer work that really should get done. But then I went back to my terminal day.

Jessica’s cousin from Maine has a daughter and we wanted to take her on a photo shoot at the daffodil farm at sunset.  I gathered my equipment and we headed out.  The lighting was perfect.  The daffodils weren’t fully in bloom but they were bloomed enough for some great shots. I was really happy getting the shot I got and look forward to finding the time to go deep into editing to perfect them.  (They will soon be available for viewing Here)

So although I did spend a couple hours in the afternoon completing some work, I did do better than expected.  I got to spend the time with family and create some while taking photos.  And guess what?  No emergencies happened.  Nothing negative happened.  My self created fear of everything falling apart in my absence was just that, self created.  There is definitely something to these terminal days.  I think I need to schedule some more often.


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