Reflecting the Day

Seth Godin, best selling author, was one of the inspirations of me starting this daily blog.  I heard him recommend the benefits of writing daily.  He write a daily blog and has for many years.  His is simply words on a page.  Sometime the post are long and sometimes just a few sentences.  Godin says he will sometimes write 5 blog posts a day, most which will never be published.

I never considered myself a writer.  Sure I wrote papers throughout my education, but never considered “putting pen to paper” as a leisurely activity.  So when I found out we were going to have a baby I suddenly felt the urge to start documenting.  To start reflecting on my life and document my thoughts/actions.  Having done this exercise for multiple weeks now, I have come to enjoy the daily post.  The post forces me to reflect back on my day. How did I spend my time?  What did I do to invoke a new thought or new experience?  What was my mood and is there a valid reason to be anything other than happy and grateful? Did I do something outside of the ordinary that is worth commenting about?

We sometimes get into this groove of routines going through life as a robot simply completing tasks.  The challenge is to do something creative.  Something that bucks the trends.  Somethings the robots won’t be able to do someday.


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