And He’s Out

Over the past couple years I was lucky enough to have a powerful mentor as I changed careers and started with a new company.  His name was Mike.  He was a retired rep that looked at problems differently.  He self admittedly was a strange bird, but that’s what made most people like him (it’s also what made some people hate him). After retirement he bought a farm in Iowa where he cultivates and sell corn. He would, a few times a year, travel out to Connecticut where we would work together for the week.  We would brainstorm different ways to attack the business and prospect at schools.

Most of my success today can be attributed to him.  It would be way to long to explain how and why (and probably boring for you the reader). He taught be that you need to be different.  To create positive energy and positive things will follow.  He taught me how to sell on relationships and not transactions.

Well yesterday I was supposed to pick him up at the airport to travel with me for the week.  Early in the morning I got a call from his “boss” at corporate.  Mike had quit.  There was a disagreement between him and the company and they parted ways.  I can’t say I was 100% shocked, I knew there had been previous conflict, but still for it to be official hurt a little.  I looked forward to the time we would spend both working and after hours just relaxing talking politics or business.

As the day went on I reflected back on his previous trips out and it started to sink in.  I know it wasn’t like he had passed, but it was close.  I knew now that he cut ties he wouldn’t be interested in talking shop any longer.  I don’t blame him for that.  He had a long career and now it’s time for him to be a farmer.  As of day I have yet to speak with him.  I figure he is being bombarded with a lot of calls and want to give him some time.  I’m sure the decision didn’t come easy for him.  So hopefully in the next week or so we can connect.  I am not sure what I’ll say, but he will be missed.


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