Thank God It’s Finally Spring.  What a beautifully, unseasonably warm spring Friday.

The deadline for school orders is nearing and I spent the first part of the day ensuring orders got placed and caught up on the office work that got put aside while my territory manager was here that previous two days.

Mid-afternoon rolled around and the weekend began.  It was time to bring in the season.  I went out to the garage.  I opened the door.  There in the back shadows there she sat.  Her colors faded by the thin layer of saw dust.  I approached her.  Spoke to her softly.  I touched her.  Giving a slight tug, I started to guide her out of the garage.  Now out in the sun her colors were cleared.  I grabbed a towel and rubbed her down.  I mounted her.  Choke out.  Turned the key.  Like a champ she turned over without a hesitation.  She was ready.  Yes today Friday, was the inaugural mowing of the 2017 summer.  The grass was thick, marginally tall, and a rich green from the recent rain showers.

It felt good to get back on the horse and clean up the yard.  I’m by no means a lawn fanatic, but I do like when it looks all clean.  To me if its green it’s good.  I fertilize once a year and that’s it.  It gets mowed.  I don’t de-thatch, aerate, or overseed.  I don’t water when we haven’t had rain. I care more about the front for curb appeal, but the rear of the house is what it is.  It’s a dog playground.  It has nitrogen burns from their pee and an array of weeds/crab grass because I refuse to put down chemicals that may make them sick or burn their paws.

It takes about an hour to mow.  Sometimes I will weedwack when necessary but today a mow was good enough.  All done it looked nice.  I even took a picture for my Instragram story as it always looks so good cleaned up.  I think I will consider summer unofficially here.


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