Jack’s Mickey Playhouse

Yesterday we celebrated Jack’s 1st birthday with family at Toddler Town in Quincy.  It was a fun time.  It was an indoor soccer field full of lawn/park toys, a bounce house, and balls galore.  I named myself the unofficial photographer and spent a good part of the day capturing the momentous occasion.  Most of our family from Connecticut made the trip up.  We enjoyed pizza and cupcakes.  The theme was Mickey Mouse.  Jessica and I surprised Jack by wearing our own Mickey Mouse T-shirts.  Ironically, Jack and I had the exact same shirt!

After the 2.5 hours at Toddler town we took a ride along the Wollaston beach and headed to Erin’s house for the afternoon.  Here Jack opened his gifts.  The last gift he opened was his Paw Patrol water table from me and Jessica.  Right after he opened it I put it together and filled it with water.  Within minute Jack was soaked head to toe splashing away and drinking as much as he could through the included strainer like toys.

It was a great day shared with family and friends.  Now I have to edit the pictures to share with everyone.  It was a first birthday he will never remember, LOL.


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