I had to spend some time in the car so I decided to listen to the latest episode of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast. In this episode he interviewed master craftsman and Japanese knife maker Murray Carter.  I am always fascinated by people who master a craft, especially when it involves using your hands.  Hearing his story and the stroke of luck that caused him to get involved in knife making really goes to show you sometimes the universe tells us where we need to focus, we just need to be aware enough to listen.  Made me start thinking, did I miss my calling or am I still awaiting for the moment in my own life.  I hope I didn’t miss it!

The other thing the episode made me think about it how many people underestimate the power of creating something with your hands.  Whether it’s art, music, culinary, woodworking, construction, metal work, on and on.  I have an intuition that the ability of humans to work symbiotically between the brain and hands is a very important part of life.  You’re never too young or too old to create.  I watch my nephew as he explores the world and experiences everything for the first time and at the opposite end I visit my 96 year old grandfather at his assisted living facility where he participates in craft time making hats and decor items.  Creating is the key.  Scrolling through Facebook or Instagram use the hands and brain in a relationship, but it lacks the creating.  It lacks a true exploring using trial and error.  No matter who you are, or what you are, go out and create.  Create in different ways.  Take classes explore.  Teach your kids, your teenagers, your parents to get out and make something!


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