Mini Golf

My mind is constantly running and that’s half of the problem.  The north end of our town was home to a small driving range “The Golf Academy.”  It sat on a main state highway.  It has a small gravel parking area, a small white stucco/concrete building with two garage doors that had seen better days.  Behind the building was a large field outlined with 30 foot or so high netting.  I never noticed if there were distant marker in the field, but it was wide open and clear to wail away at golf balls.  Rarely would I see anyone out there swinging at balls. At most, I had seen 3 people there are one time.  Sometimes you’d go by and see someone getting a lesson but it was most desolate.

Last fall I noticed the faded sign had been removed and the grass started getting a little taller.  It appeared they had gone out of business.  Instantly I got an idea!  What a perfect place for a family entertainment center.  There was plenty of room outside of the driving range area to put in a mini golf course.  The driving range could still be operable.  Maybe add a portable climbing wall, and/or a bounce house.  The building would be the perfect little open air restaurant to serve burgers and dogs.

Then I really started thinking.  The annual July 4th fireworks were visible from this field.  What a great promotional opportunity to throw a huge 4th of July party.  Bring in a stage, have some live music, fun for the whole family.

So why not pull the trigger??  There is a pretty large initial investment required to build a mini golf course, not to mention renovating the old building to make it comply with health standards to serve food.  Money is money.  There is always a way to find money.  My bigger concern is can I stay motivated to put it all together and then run it.  With such a large investment, there would be a lot on the line.  Can I stay that excited to build it and grow it, 3 years away, 5 years away, 10 years away?  Also from some research I determined the land was most likely leased.  The owner of the land was the local power company so I doubt they would be looking to sell.  With a lease I could be at their mercy should they not renew the lease at some point in the future.  Would they even allow permanent structures, like a mini golf course, be added to the land?

Maybe this would be better when I had some more personal capital to invest rather than rely on loans or investors.  So what idea can I pursue instead to build that capital?  Ask me in an hour, I’ll have a new idea.


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