I had the afternoon free yesterday and my co-worker in the adjacent territory suggested a round of golf.  At first I was apprehensive, what if there was a work emergency needing my attention…….. but then I remember my Semler terminal days.  It would be good to get out and swing the clubs for the first time of the year enjoying the mid-60s sunshine.  The club out by the airport runs a weekday special – $23 for 18 holes with a cart.  Yea $23!  How can you beat that?  The course conditions are alright, but for $23 who can complain.

My front 9 I shot pretty well.  I really need to work on my short game, that’s where I lost it, but in reality I play a few times year and that’s it.  You can’t expect to get that much better without lessons and barely playing.  I’m not a hardcore golf fan, but enjoy playing now and then as it can be therapeutic if I don’t get frustrated playing.

The back 9 was awful.  No consistency in my drive, a terrible short game, terrible putts.  It was hardly worth playing, but we had a good time.

And guess what?  No work emergencies.  A few emails that came across that I addressed that evening at home.  Terminal days are key to life fulfillment.


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