I hope that’s not a nose!

Yesterday we had the rescheduled appointment for the first trimester screening.  It’s always exciting to see how the baby has changed week after week.  This was the first time the ultrasound showed some prominent features.  You can now clearly see the outline of the head, the neck and a torso.  The ultrasound tech was also able to show us a foot and a hand.  She told us this will be the last time you will be able to see the entire baby in one shot.  It’s so amazing at how fast they grow and change.  At the end of the scan, she printed us a new picture.  The picture has a highlight on the front of the face that looks like a very large nose.  We started to joke about how it already has my nose. Let’s just say I don’t have a small nose.

Although we don’t know the results of the test, the nuchal translucency measured 1.4mm in thickness which according to my Google search is well within the normal range.  Jessica then had to get a blood draw as a second portion of the test.

Since it was lunch time Jessica and I took the time to sit down for lunch together.  We both got the soup.  She had a tuna wrap and me a salad.  It’s always enjoyable to break up the day spending time with the wife 🙂


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