Time for the World to Know

Yesterday was the day for the pregnancy to be known to the social media world.  After mowing the lawn, I analyzed the sun and scoped out the perfect spot for the photo.  Jessica had been looking on pinterest at birth announcement photos.  She showed me the ones she liked and I got prepped to re-create it with our own spin.  She showered and I set the scene.

My Nikon can be connect through my phone, so with the camera on a tripod I can see how the shot it set on my phone screen and snap the shutter.  We took about a dozen or so shots trying to get the right composition.  Finally we had it.

I took the SD card to my lair and got to work finessing the image to make it perfect (or closeness for me to be satisfied).  I sent it to Jessica and let her post it for the world.

The outpouring of “love” was pretty miraculous.  It’s fascinating how many people on a Sunday afternoon checked their Facebook newsfeeds.  Within about 20 to 30 minutes we had amassed about 100 likes and it soon become old news.  At least it’s no longer a secret and it can be shared with everyone.  I can no longer get in trouble for spilling the beans.

If you want to see the announcement photo Click Here


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