Gotta pay those bills

Monday, monday.  Getting the motor started Monday is always a little rough.  I hit the gym, but due to some chest congestion (not sure if it’s allergies or a cold) I did about 15 minutes on the stepper and I was done.  It’s good to know when to not push it too hard and to let your body rest/heal.

Not feeling 100% it takes that much more effort to get going. The best tricks to get yourself in the right direction are to make your bed, take a shower, and get dressed for work even if you have no where to be.  It tells your brain your in work mode and it allows you to start being productive.  I set out to hit some schools and do some mailing.  While I was out and about the emails started piling up and I needed my computer to get some results so back to the office. I targeted the most important emails first and worked backwards.  Since we are towards the end of the sales season and I have been procrastinating taking care of my accounts receivable I decided to focus and start paying invoices.  This is quite a process in an antiquated system so it takes time.  In all I paid about 30 invoices and that brought me dinner time aka quitting time.

What started as a slow, sluggish morning ended as a pretty productive day.


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