Moving Forward

My parent’s home finally went under contract on the 11th, but yesterday all the paperwork got put together.  Inspections in a week.  Fingers crossed all goes well.  The first set of inspections went excellent so I do not foresee any issues.  If all goes well, by the end of June they can consider themselves official full time residents of Massachusetts.  Hopefully they get a house that has ample room for me, Jessica, the baby, and all my puppies (not sure they are thinking about that, but I am. Haha)

On a second note, had a long-ish conversation with my manager regarding the future of the company and our region.  The company is in a transition period with changes coming rapidly.  There is a lot that is unknown at this point, but it allows for some opportunity to think about the business a little differently and come up with some new approaches.  Luckily, my head is clearer today as I feel better, so I was able to expand my thinking.  Gives me something to mull over during the weekend.


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