Lazy Saturday

My cousin and her husband wanted to view an investment property in Torrington so knowing Jessica would sleep late I figured I’d schedule it early in the morning.  So I made sure I had some good podcasts ready for listening and headed up for 8am.  The showing was quick.  Since my parent’s were home for the weekend and I was only 5 minutes away I thought I’d drop in to give my mother her Mother’s Day card and gift.  I hung out there for a couple hours and took the drive back home.

New England is getting hit with a nor’eastern so the weather was crappy.  Still fighting a cold, it was kind of a couch day with the wifey.  There was plenty to be done in the kitchen, but between fighting the cold and having dinner plans I wasn’t too interested in starting a project.

We ended up running out to look for a Mother’s Day gift for Jessica’s mom so we battled the mall on the rainy day.  It was a mistake.  For the news to be reporting about the fall of malls we must have been living in “bizarro”.  I will say shopping with a nauseous, pregnant wife is more fun because she isn’t in the mood to shop so we get in and out on a mission.

Dinner that night was for Jessica’s brother’s birthday.  It was at Salsa’s a definite favorite of mine.  A few enchiladas and a couple margaritas finished out the night.


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