A door

I don’t recall if I ever discussed about the one-piece metal door frames that builders put in thought our house in the 50’s when it was built, but they are a pain in the ass.  They are solid, one piece door frames and casing with welded hinges.  The frames get nailed to the structure via a total of 12 tabs (3 on each side of the adjacent studs) under the sheetrock.  There are also two tabs on the bottom underneath the floor. So to remove one of these frames, you need to tear apart sheetrock and the floor.  Typing about it just makes me angry!  They would be alright to keep, even as ugly as they are, if they held paint well, but they chip so easily.  So I already removed two frames (no doors) in the two walls we are removing in the kitchen.  Still a pain, but not awful as all the sheetrock had to come down anyways.  The door the basement was left. It was on a wall all by itself it sheetrock in good condition.  I debated leaving it as is to avoid the hassle.  But the more I thought about it, it was now or never.  Due to the labor and mess required to remove, it had to be done as part of the whole remodel.

That was the project for yesterday.  Removed the old and add a brand new prehung door.  Although it took pretty much all day to complete it wasn’t too bad.

I said it before and I will say it again.  There is something about problem solving with your hands.  To evaluate a situation, develop a plan, and execute.  The reward is the sense of accomplishment when you step back at the end see what you were able to complete.  It’s an addiction that drives me on to project after project.  Yes it takes longer, yes I’m not expert, and yes it’s cheaper, but the greatest part of all these home projects is stepping back after it’s over and saying I did that.  Unlucky for Jessica, who likes shit done quickly, I think I will continue taking on more projects, after the kitchen is completed of course.


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