Wow, it has been 10 days since I last wrote in my “daily” blog.  I have been slacking hardcore, but not because of laziness.  A couple factors have come into play.  First, the weather has been pretty great and the winter fever pushed me outside. So after a day of doing my work, I managed to get outside.  What did I accomplish…. tomato plant planted (re-planted from Jessica), weeded the garden and mulched, cleaned the gutters, tree and brush removal, created some firewood, and the typical lawn maintenance of mowing and such.  Of course, the last time I mowed, the tractor ran over a rock and bent the blade. No one sells the blades in store so they had to be ordered.  When the order came in they only sent 1 blade so I am still waiting for the second to put it all back together and mow this week.

While the mower was apart, the garage door opener decided to stop working.  Thank god for YouTube.  A $20 part and an hour or so of pain-in-the-ass work and the garage door was fixed.

The second factor that has occupied a lot of my brain power is the kitchen remodel.  The cabinet are at the logistic company awaiting a scheduled ship date.  So I have been progressing, somewhat slowly, on moving forward on the kitchen prepping for the delivery.  I finished adding support to the beam, removed some more sheetrock getting ready for electrical and squared up the wood floors in the dining room to transition to the kitchen floors.

Not much new in the baby front.  Jessica got a wicked cold so she has been kind of down for the count.  Not as nauseous as before, but the cold didn’t help anything.  On May 17th we hit the official mark of the second trimester, so 1/3 of the way there.  We started planning the gender reveal party on June 3rd and have our gender ultrasound scheduled for May 20th.  We have to wait 4 days to find out the gender, hopefully we can do it without peeking.  I honestly have no idea what gender to guess.  I’m rational and not a gambling man so I follow the odds 50/50 and sit this decision out.  I think I secretly hope for boy, but honestly would be happy with a healthy child of any gender.

With all that I have going on I haven’t had time for some deep thought stuff.  I did watch/listen to the a Joe Rogan podcast with Neil de-Grasse Tyson about astrophysicist stuff and it was so hard to wrap my mind around the topics.  It puts into perspective how small and insignificant we are in the scope of the universe.  It also reminds me there are people a lot smarter than myself out there in the world.

I think a that about catches everything up.  I will try my best to be as diligent in writing daily.  I feel like first thing in the morning is the best time to schedule things like this, but that is gym time and if I push off gym time I will be fat with heart disease.   Therefore, skipping blogging is a healthier option for me. 🙂


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