Wow, it has been 10 days since I last wrote in my “daily” blog.  I have been slacking hardcore, but not because of laziness.  A couple factors have come into play.  First, the weather has been pretty great and the winter fever pushed me outside. So after a day of doing my work, I managed to get outside.  What did I accomplish…. tomato plant planted (re-planted from Jessica), weeded the garden and mulched, cleaned the gutters, tree and brush removal, created some firewood, and the typical lawn maintenance of mowing and such.  Of course, the last time I mowed, the tractor ran over a rock and bent the blade. No one sells the blades in store so they had to be ordered.  When the order came in they only sent 1 blade so I am still waiting for the second to put it all back together and mow this week.

While the mower was apart, the garage door opener decided to stop working.  Thank god for YouTube.  A $20 part and an hour or so of pain-in-the-ass work and the garage door was fixed.

The second factor that has occupied a lot of my brain power is the kitchen remodel.  The cabinet are at the logistic company awaiting a scheduled ship date.  So I have been progressing, somewhat slowly, on moving forward on the kitchen prepping for the delivery.  I finished adding support to the beam, removed some more sheetrock getting ready for electrical and squared up the wood floors in the dining room to transition to the kitchen floors.

Not much new in the baby front.  Jessica got a wicked cold so she has been kind of down for the count.  Not as nauseous as before, but the cold didn’t help anything.  On May 17th we hit the official mark of the second trimester, so 1/3 of the way there.  We started planning the gender reveal party on June 3rd and have our gender ultrasound scheduled for May 20th.  We have to wait 4 days to find out the gender, hopefully we can do it without peeking.  I honestly have no idea what gender to guess.  I’m rational and not a gambling man so I follow the odds 50/50 and sit this decision out.  I think I secretly hope for boy, but honestly would be happy with a healthy child of any gender.

With all that I have going on I haven’t had time for some deep thought stuff.  I did watch/listen to the a Joe Rogan podcast with Neil de-Grasse Tyson about astrophysicist stuff and it was so hard to wrap my mind around the topics.  It puts into perspective how small and insignificant we are in the scope of the universe.  It also reminds me there are people a lot smarter than myself out there in the world.

I think a that about catches everything up.  I will try my best to be as diligent in writing daily.  I feel like first thing in the morning is the best time to schedule things like this, but that is gym time and if I push off gym time I will be fat with heart disease.   Therefore, skipping blogging is a healthier option for me. 🙂


Lazy Saturday

My cousin and her husband wanted to view an investment property in Torrington so knowing Jessica would sleep late I figured I’d schedule it early in the morning.  So I made sure I had some good podcasts ready for listening and headed up for 8am.  The showing was quick.  Since my parent’s were home for the weekend and I was only 5 minutes away I thought I’d drop in to give my mother her Mother’s Day card and gift.  I hung out there for a couple hours and took the drive back home.

New England is getting hit with a nor’eastern so the weather was crappy.  Still fighting a cold, it was kind of a couch day with the wifey.  There was plenty to be done in the kitchen, but between fighting the cold and having dinner plans I wasn’t too interested in starting a project.

We ended up running out to look for a Mother’s Day gift for Jessica’s mom so we battled the mall on the rainy day.  It was a mistake.  For the news to be reporting about the fall of malls we must have been living in “bizarro”.  I will say shopping with a nauseous, pregnant wife is more fun because she isn’t in the mood to shop so we get in and out on a mission.

Dinner that night was for Jessica’s brother’s birthday.  It was at Salsa’s a definite favorite of mine.  A few enchiladas and a couple margaritas finished out the night.

Moving Forward

My parent’s home finally went under contract on the 11th, but yesterday all the paperwork got put together.  Inspections in a week.  Fingers crossed all goes well.  The first set of inspections went excellent so I do not foresee any issues.  If all goes well, by the end of June they can consider themselves official full time residents of Massachusetts.  Hopefully they get a house that has ample room for me, Jessica, the baby, and all my puppies (not sure they are thinking about that, but I am. Haha)

On a second note, had a long-ish conversation with my manager regarding the future of the company and our region.  The company is in a transition period with changes coming rapidly.  There is a lot that is unknown at this point, but it allows for some opportunity to think about the business a little differently and come up with some new approaches.  Luckily, my head is clearer today as I feel better, so I was able to expand my thinking.  Gives me something to mull over during the weekend.

Time for the World to Know

Yesterday was the day for the pregnancy to be known to the social media world.  After mowing the lawn, I analyzed the sun and scoped out the perfect spot for the photo.  Jessica had been looking on pinterest at birth announcement photos.  She showed me the ones she liked and I got prepped to re-create it with our own spin.  She showered and I set the scene.

My Nikon can be connect through my phone, so with the camera on a tripod I can see how the shot it set on my phone screen and snap the shutter.  We took about a dozen or so shots trying to get the right composition.  Finally we had it.

I took the SD card to my lair and got to work finessing the image to make it perfect (or closeness for me to be satisfied).  I sent it to Jessica and let her post it for the world.

The outpouring of “love” was pretty miraculous.  It’s fascinating how many people on a Sunday afternoon checked their Facebook newsfeeds.  Within about 20 to 30 minutes we had amassed about 100 likes and it soon become old news.  At least it’s no longer a secret and it can be shared with everyone.  I can no longer get in trouble for spilling the beans.

If you want to see the announcement photo Click Here


I had to spend some time in the car so I decided to listen to the latest episode of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast. In this episode he interviewed master craftsman and Japanese knife maker Murray Carter.  I am always fascinated by people who master a craft, especially when it involves using your hands.  Hearing his story and the stroke of luck that caused him to get involved in knife making really goes to show you sometimes the universe tells us where we need to focus, we just need to be aware enough to listen.  Made me start thinking, did I miss my calling or am I still awaiting for the moment in my own life.  I hope I didn’t miss it!

The other thing the episode made me think about it how many people underestimate the power of creating something with your hands.  Whether it’s art, music, culinary, woodworking, construction, metal work, on and on.  I have an intuition that the ability of humans to work symbiotically between the brain and hands is a very important part of life.  You’re never too young or too old to create.  I watch my nephew as he explores the world and experiences everything for the first time and at the opposite end I visit my 96 year old grandfather at his assisted living facility where he participates in craft time making hats and decor items.  Creating is the key.  Scrolling through Facebook or Instagram use the hands and brain in a relationship, but it lacks the creating.  It lacks a true exploring using trial and error.  No matter who you are, or what you are, go out and create.  Create in different ways.  Take classes explore.  Teach your kids, your teenagers, your parents to get out and make something!

Pregnancy Is Boring

Jessica has been sick for the first 11.5 weeks of this pregnancy.  She spent most of the day laying down and resting.  I was sooo bored.  I hit the gym early and worked off all my cupcakes from the day before.  When I got home I spent a couple hours editing the photos from the party, but then I was bored.  Bored like I wanted to do something.  It was kind of cloudy and a little cooler so outside wasn’t 100% inviting.  Even if it had been, I was bored to do something with Jessica.  To adventure out somewhere.  I had plenty of work to do in the kitchen or in the yard, but both those would have been by myself.

May the whole idea that she wasn’t feeling like doing anything was driving me to want to do something.  You always want what you can’t have.  She took a nap and I watch a Kevin Hart stand-up special “What Now?” on Netflix.  It was alright.  Not as funny as I had come to expect from him, but it was fitting as I really didn’t want to watch TV to begin with.  After that we ended up going to Costco and the grocery store, but that wasn’t 100% what I had in mind.  Hopefully the second trimester will be more fun!

Jack’s Mickey Playhouse

Yesterday we celebrated Jack’s 1st birthday with family at Toddler Town in Quincy.  It was a fun time.  It was an indoor soccer field full of lawn/park toys, a bounce house, and balls galore.  I named myself the unofficial photographer and spent a good part of the day capturing the momentous occasion.  Most of our family from Connecticut made the trip up.  We enjoyed pizza and cupcakes.  The theme was Mickey Mouse.  Jessica and I surprised Jack by wearing our own Mickey Mouse T-shirts.  Ironically, Jack and I had the exact same shirt!

After the 2.5 hours at Toddler town we took a ride along the Wollaston beach and headed to Erin’s house for the afternoon.  Here Jack opened his gifts.  The last gift he opened was his Paw Patrol water table from me and Jessica.  Right after he opened it I put it together and filled it with water.  Within minute Jack was soaked head to toe splashing away and drinking as much as he could through the included strainer like toys.

It was a great day shared with family and friends.  Now I have to edit the pictures to share with everyone.  It was a first birthday he will never remember, LOL.