Wow, it has been 10 days since I last wrote in my “daily” blog.  I have been slacking hardcore, but not because of laziness.  A couple factors have come into play.  First, the weather has been pretty great and the winter fever pushed me outside. So after a day of doing my work, I managed to get outside.  What did I accomplish…. tomato plant planted (re-planted from Jessica), weeded the garden and mulched, cleaned the gutters, tree and brush removal, created some firewood, and the typical lawn maintenance of mowing and such.  Of course, the last time I mowed, the tractor ran over a rock and bent the blade. No one sells the blades in store so they had to be ordered.  When the order came in they only sent 1 blade so I am still waiting for the second to put it all back together and mow this week.

While the mower was apart, the garage door opener decided to stop working.  Thank god for YouTube.  A $20 part and an hour or so of pain-in-the-ass work and the garage door was fixed.

The second factor that has occupied a lot of my brain power is the kitchen remodel.  The cabinet are at the logistic company awaiting a scheduled ship date.  So I have been progressing, somewhat slowly, on moving forward on the kitchen prepping for the delivery.  I finished adding support to the beam, removed some more sheetrock getting ready for electrical and squared up the wood floors in the dining room to transition to the kitchen floors.

Not much new in the baby front.  Jessica got a wicked cold so she has been kind of down for the count.  Not as nauseous as before, but the cold didn’t help anything.  On May 17th we hit the official mark of the second trimester, so 1/3 of the way there.  We started planning the gender reveal party on June 3rd and have our gender ultrasound scheduled for May 20th.  We have to wait 4 days to find out the gender, hopefully we can do it without peeking.  I honestly have no idea what gender to guess.  I’m rational and not a gambling man so I follow the odds 50/50 and sit this decision out.  I think I secretly hope for boy, but honestly would be happy with a healthy child of any gender.

With all that I have going on I haven’t had time for some deep thought stuff.  I did watch/listen to the a Joe Rogan podcast with Neil de-Grasse Tyson about astrophysicist stuff and it was so hard to wrap my mind around the topics.  It puts into perspective how small and insignificant we are in the scope of the universe.  It also reminds me there are people a lot smarter than myself out there in the world.

I think a that about catches everything up.  I will try my best to be as diligent in writing daily.  I feel like first thing in the morning is the best time to schedule things like this, but that is gym time and if I push off gym time I will be fat with heart disease.   Therefore, skipping blogging is a healthier option for me. 🙂


We don’t need no walls

Back to the kitchen renovation.  It was sort of at a stand still as I waited for my father to come assist to remove the load bearing wall.  A. He is an architect so he can ensure it is done properly and structurally.  B. I would need a second set of hands to help out anyways.

It took two trips to Home Depot, 4 car jacks, and all day to remove a 10′ section of wall and put in a supporting beam.  Since we didn’t have all the time in the world we weren’t able to be a tidy as I had been removing the other walls and sheetrock.  At the end of the day there was dust EVERYWHERE.  I spent a good 90 minutes that night just vacuuming and wiping down every surface in the dining room, living room, and kitchen.

In the end, the difference was great.  Seeing it all open was a good motivating kick to keep moving on the project. Onwards and upwards.


Thank God It’s Finally Spring.  What a beautifully, unseasonably warm spring Friday.

The deadline for school orders is nearing and I spent the first part of the day ensuring orders got placed and caught up on the office work that got put aside while my territory manager was here that previous two days.

Mid-afternoon rolled around and the weekend began.  It was time to bring in the season.  I went out to the garage.  I opened the door.  There in the back shadows there she sat.  Her colors faded by the thin layer of saw dust.  I approached her.  Spoke to her softly.  I touched her.  Giving a slight tug, I started to guide her out of the garage.  Now out in the sun her colors were cleared.  I grabbed a towel and rubbed her down.  I mounted her.  Choke out.  Turned the key.  Like a champ she turned over without a hesitation.  She was ready.  Yes today Friday, was the inaugural mowing of the 2017 summer.  The grass was thick, marginally tall, and a rich green from the recent rain showers.

It felt good to get back on the horse and clean up the yard.  I’m by no means a lawn fanatic, but I do like when it looks all clean.  To me if its green it’s good.  I fertilize once a year and that’s it.  It gets mowed.  I don’t de-thatch, aerate, or overseed.  I don’t water when we haven’t had rain. I care more about the front for curb appeal, but the rear of the house is what it is.  It’s a dog playground.  It has nitrogen burns from their pee and an array of weeds/crab grass because I refuse to put down chemicals that may make them sick or burn their paws.

It takes about an hour to mow.  Sometimes I will weedwack when necessary but today a mow was good enough.  All done it looked nice.  I even took a picture for my Instragram story as it always looks so good cleaned up.  I think I will consider summer unofficially here.

Nice Little Sunday


  • Gym – Shoulders/Arms
  • Laundry
  • Edit a photo
  • Work on the kitchen – Removed bottom and top plate of the wall between kitchen and dining
  • Vacuum
  • Lunch with Jessica – Thai
  • Mall with Jessica – Maternity clothing return, smoothies
  • Sushi Dinner with Jessica
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Netflix with Jessica – Before We Go
  • Having insomnia with Jessica – neither one of us could sleep.  It was quite odd.

It’s wild to look back on a day and list all that you did.  “I don’t have time” is not a good excuse – unless you wanted me to do something else yesterday then I didn’t have any time.

Straight Up Working

Not much going on yesterday in terms of deep thought. It was a more just get shit done kind of day. Drove around the morning shipping out some orders, shipping out stuff we sold on eBay, checking on my parents house, and picking up some stuff at the hardware store before my 20% coupon expired. Even while driving I relied on the pop radio rather than my typical NPR or podcast which usually invokes thought. 

I spent the afternoon taking down the studs between our kitchen and dining room. It’s awesome to see it all open. Putting in the beam between the kitchen and living room will be the greatest change, but I have to wait for a hand from my father before that. 

Jessica got home. We grabbed some burrito bowls from Moe’s Southwest and rented the accountant from a Redbox to watch.  The movie was good. That’s about all. Wish I had more thoughts to provoke but some times the mind needs to rest too. 

Spring Has Sprung…. hopefully

It’s seems as if yesterday finally started spring weather, but here in New England one can never be sure. 

I started the morning with a little laundry and a little more demo in the kitchen but the nice weather outside was calling to me. So after removing one cabinet from next the stove I headed out. 

I had three tasks in mind. First to dig up some perennials that were taking over one of our planting beds and were awkwardly placed. I have no idea what type of plant it even is but I was sick of them. So I re-organized the bed and hopefully as it all matures later in the season everything will be spaced nicely. 

Second was to separate an expanding hydrangea and plant it on its own to fill a gap in the bed nearest our deck. This makes me a little nervous. I hope it takes and I don’t kill the plant. I probably should have done a little research but the weather had me motivated to work. 

Last I have a brushy area that just wildly grows with weeds, saplings, forsythia, and rabbit briar. I cut all the saplings down with a hand saw and started digging out roots. I don’t really have a plan of the area once cleared but seeing it grow wild every year drives me crazy. I have lots of idealistic designs for the area like a chicken coop, a bundle of blueberry bushes, or maybe a water feature. In reality I’ll probably plant grass and call it a day. 

At this point it was getting wicked hot and needed a break. It was about noon and I was thirsty as hell. For some reason I was craving an ice cold iced tea. Something about a pregnant wife having cravings for random things is highly contagious. So I took a quick shower and got ready to head out with Jessica for some errands. A trip to Baby’s R Us to plan what we might need on a registry and a trip to Agway for a reusable dumpster bag for the kitchen demo were on the list of stops. But before that, a pit stop at Dunkin for the largest unsweetened iced tea they had. I polished it off in minutes. 

Riding with the windows down is the greatest feeling after a long, cold winter. Our errands got completed, had a little lunch at Ruby Tuesday, and did our grocery shopping done.  There is something calming about completing the mundane tasks in life. They take little deep thought and I get to just enjoy everyday life with Jessica. Great weather, great company and a great ride. Sunday done right. 

Pulled the Trigger

After work, I made an appointment with the kitchen designer at Home Depot.  It was time to go over the final design and order the cabinets.

I sat with her for about an hour.  I made a couple small changes and asked ALOT of questions.  I wanted to make sure she understood my vision.  She asked me questions like, What side do you want the hinges on?  Of course I couldn’t have a simple answer.  I had to visualize and pretend I was completing the tasks I expected to in that area of the kitchen.

I asked her if she got commission for selling a cabinet design/package.  She said nope.  Her only task was to get me a kitchen I enjoyed. I joked saying after dealing with a pain in the ass like me she should get a commission.  She half chuckled.

Now I know I may be a little more eccentric or anal, than the average person, but I didn’t think I was THAT bad.  Apparently I was.

In the end, I pulled the trigger and placed the order.  They should be delivered around the beginning of June.  Until then, back home to continue some demo.